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MKT Move List and Cheats


PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn: Each character can perform 2 Fatalities, Animality, Babality, Friendship, Brutality and Stages Fatalities.
Nintendo 64: Same as above, plus Shao Kahn and Motaro have one Fatality each.
Aditionally, each character can perform a Mercy pressing (Hold Run) Down, Down, Down, (Release Run) in the third round, to grant the opponent a little bit of health to continue the fight.
* Secret characters don't always have all the finishers listed here.

Finishers Guidelines:

Friendship: To perform a Friendship, you must not Block in the winning round.
Babality: Same as above.
Animality: (Do all this in the third round) When the "Finish Him/Her!" message appears, perform a Mercy, defeat your opponent again and when a second "Finish Him/Her!" message appears, perform the button combination to perform your kombatant's Animality.


Select Screen Secrets:

Random Select: Highlight Noob Saibot if you're Player 1, Rain if you're Player 2 and press Up + Start.
Select Kombat Arena: Highlight Sonya and press Up + Start.

Secret Kombatants:

(Only for PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn)

MK1 Raiden: Highlight Raiden and press Select.
MK1 Kano: Highlight Kano and press Select.
MKII Jax: Highlight Jax and press Select.
MKII Kung Lao: Highlight Kung Lao and press Select.
Chameleon: Select any male ninja and hold Press and Hold Back + High Punch + High Kick + Block + Run until the fight begins.

Secret Kombatants:

(Only for Nintendo 64) Khameleon: In attract mode press: Low Kick, High Kick, Low Punch, High Punch, Run, High Kick, Low Kick, if you heard Shao Kahn saying "Khameleon" after entering the code, then you did it right.
Human Smoke: Select Smoke and Press and Hold Back + High Punch + High Kick + Block + Run until the fight begins.
Motaro: Enter the Select Kombat Arena code, and choose The Balcony, Jade's Desert or The Wasteland and Press and Hold Back + High Kick + Low Kick.
Shao Kahn: Enter the Select Kombat Arena code, and choose The Rooftop, The Pit 3 or The Cave and Press and Hold Down + High Punch + Low Punch.


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