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With his mastery of cold, Sub-Zero freezes his opponent into submission. Though his loyalties lie firmly with his clan, the Lin Kuei, his purpose in Outworld is known only to him.

Special Attacks

Freeze Blast: S + Q.

Special Launch Attacks

Slide Attack: S + L.
Slide Uppercut: S + L, L.
Slide Grenade: S + L, P.

Special Launch Attacks

Ground Freeze: S + P.
Winter's Flurry: S + P (hold 2 sec).
Blizzard Ring: S + P (hold 3 sec).

Special Throw Attacks

Dragon Grapple: S + T.
Run Off Back: S + T, Q.
Flip Up: S + T, L.
Power Slam: S + T, P.
Directional Throw: S + T + U/D/B/F, T.


Ice Dragon Uppercut: Q, Q, Q, L.
Ice Kick: Q, Q, L, P.


Spine Rip: Right, Down, Right, Right, Q.
Snowball: Left, Left, Down, Right, Q.
Freeze Uppercut: Right, Right, Down, Right, Q.


Ice Stomp: Up, Up, Down, Up, L.


Frostbite Rage: Up, Down, Left, Up, P.


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