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Liu Kang

Formerly with the White Lotus Society, Liu Kang earned teh right to represent the Shaolin in the Mortal Kombat tournament. The thunder god Raiden knew that Shang Tsung's forces could not be overthrown by a lone warrior and helped Liu Kang to forge an alliance with other competitors. With their aid, he defeated the sorcerer and saved Earthrealm from domination.

Special Attacks

Fireball: S + Q.
High/Low Fireball: S + Q, Q.
Air Fireball: S + Q (In air).
Fireburst Fireball: S + Q, Q, Q.

Special Launch Attacks

Uppercut: S + L.
Uppercut 2: S + L, L.
Uppercut 3: S + L, L, L.
Uppercut 4: S + L, L, L, L.

Special Power Attacks

Flying Kick: S + P.
Bicycle Kick: S + P (Hold 2 sec).
Bicycle Kick/Flying Kick: S + P (Hold 2 sec.) P.

Special Throw Attacks

Dragon Grapple: S + T.
Run Off Back: S + T, Q.
FLip Up: S + T, L.
Power Slam: S + T, P.
Directional Throw: S + T + U/D/B/F, T.


Fire-Ender: L, Q, Q.
Run-Ender: L, P then press Q/L/P/T.
More Air Combo Hits: Q, Q, Q, Q, Q.
Auto-Launcher: Q, Q, P, L/Q.
Special Throw: Q, Q, Q, T.


Shaolin Soccer: Down, Left, Up, Right, Q.
Bonebreak Combo: Left, Up, Up, Right, Q.
Fire/Kick Combo: Left, Right, Down, Down, Q.
Flipping Uppercut: Up, Right, Down, Left, Q.
Dragon: Down, Right, Left, Left, Q.
Giant Stomp: Left, Left, Left, Up, Q.
Head Clap: Right, Up, Right, Up, Q.
Arm Rip: Down, Left, Right, Up, Q.


Fire Trails: Up, Down, Up, Down, L.
Dragon Fury: Left, Right, Up, Up, L.


Rage Mode: Right, Up, Down, Down, P.


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