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Kung Lao

The Mortal Kombat tournament was Kung Lao's only opportunity to bring honor to his fallen ancestors. But when he did not receive the approval of the Shaolin to represent them, he disguised himself as a Masked Guard and waited for his moment to strike at the sorcerer Shang Tsung. During the final battle, Kung Lao joined Liu Kang and his new found allies as they did battle against the forces of evil

Special Attacks

Teleport: S + Q.
Double Teleport: S + Q, Q.
Teleport Stun: S + Q.

Special Launch Attacks

Spin Attack: S + L.
Spin Repeat: S + L, L, L.
Pulse Spin: S + L, P.

Special Power Attacks

Hat Toss Straight: S + P.
Hat Toss Ricochet: S + P.
Hat Toss Spin: S + P (Hold 2 sec).
Hat Toss Spin 2: S + P (Hold 2 sec).
Hat Option: S + P (Hold 3 sec).

Special Throw Attacks

Enemy Manipulation: S + T (jump to release).
Head Smack: S + T, Q.
Flip Up: S + T, L.
Power Slam: S + T, P.
Directional Throw: S + T + U/D/B/F, T.


Stun-Ender: L, P, P.
Auto-Launcher: L while running.
Run-Ender: P then L, Q, P.
Throw-Ender: Q, Q, Q, T.
More Dive Kicks: Q, Q, Q, Q, Q.


Body Slice: Right, Right, Right, Q.
Mid Air Slice: Up, Up, Up, Right, Q.
Friendly Rabbit: Up, Up, Up, Down, Q.
Arm Cutter: Left, Right, Left, Down, Q.
Head Toss: Left, Right, Left, Left, Q.
Many Chops: Up, Up, Left, Up, Square.
Headache: Up, Down, Up, Right.
Buzzsaw: Right, Right, Up, Up, Q.


Tornado: Up, Right, Down, Left, L.
Hat Control: Left, Right, Right, Left, L.


Razor Edge: Left, Left, Up, Up, P.


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