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The Dragon King's entourage crossed into Edenia and imprisoned Queen Sindel. He used Princess Kitana to guard her, knowing the Queen wuld not attack her own daughter. I fought Kitana and eventuallymanaged to lock her in a cell of her own. Kitana screamed furiously, altering the enemy.

Before Queen Sindel and I escaped through a portal to Outworld, I caught a last glimpse of the Dragon King... and at his side... Tanya!

Fighting Styles

Fan Zi
Kuo Shou
Weapon: Bojutsu

Special Moves

Vanishing Winds Back, Forward, 1.
Blazing Nitro Kick Back, Forward, 4.
Razor-Rang Down, Back, 3.
Dodging Shadows Down, Forward, 2.


Fatality 1: (Sweep) Back, Forward, Up, Forward, 1.
Fatality 2: (Close) Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, 2.
Hara-Kiri: Forward, Forward, Forward, Back, 2.


The traitor Tanya had given the Dragon King the information he needed to finish merging the Kamidogu. But before he conquered all the realms, Jade would see Tanya dead. Jade had allowed Baraka's soldiers to capture her, feigning defeat in battle. As Tanya approached her prisoner, Jade waited for the right moment...

and threw a glass orb filled with concentrated Tarkata essence at her. The glass broke, splashing its contents across Tanya's body. Baraka and his vile savages worked themselves into an uncontrolled frenzy. They perceived Tanya to be a rival male and instinctively attacked. I doubt she survived the encounter.


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