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Liu Kang

Still the immortal champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang finds himself venturing into the realm of Edenia to rescue the princess Kitana from the vile clutches of Quan Chi. Unsuccessful in his mission Liu returns to Earth and mounts an effort to bring together Earth's greatest warriors. He does it this time not only to free Kitana's home world but also to assist his mentor and Earth's protector - Raiden.

Special Moves

High Fireball: Forward, Forward, High Punch.
(Can also be done in air)
Low Fireball: Forward, Forward, Low Punch.
Flying Kick: Forward, Forward, High Kick.
(Can also be done in air)
Bicycle Kick: Hold Low Kick for 3 Seconds and release.


Dragon Sword: Back, Forward, Low Kick.

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: (Sweep) Forward, Forward, Forward, Down. BLock + Low Kick + High Kick.
Fatality 2: (Close) Forward, Down, Down, Up, High Punch.
Prison Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Back, Low Punch.
Goro's Lair Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Back, High Kick.


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