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In failing to convince his superiors of the coming Outworld invasion, Jax prepares to covertly for the future battle with Kahn's minions. He fits both arms with indestructible bionic implants. This is a war Jax is prepared to win.

Special Moves

Single Missile: Back, Forward, High Punch.
Double Missile: Forward, Forward, Back, Back, High Punch.
"Gotcha" Grab: Forward, Forward, Low Punch.
(Tap Low Punch for extra hits)
Back Breaker: Block in air when next to airborne opponent.
Body Slam: Perform a Throw and repeatedly tap High Punch.
Ground Pound: Hold Low Punch for 3 seconds, then release.
Dash Punch: Forward, Forward, Low Kick.

Basic Combos

Combo 1: High Punch, High Punch, Block, Back + High Punch.
Combo 2: High Punch, High Punch, LP, Block, Back+High Punch.
Combo 3: High Punch, High Punch, Block, LP, Back+High Punch.
Combo 4: High Kick, High Kick, Back + High Kick.
Combo 5: High Kick, High Kick, Down + High Punch, High Punch, Block, Low Punch, Back + High Punch.

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: Up, Up, Down, Forward, Up, Block.
Fatality 2: Run, Block, Run, Run, Low Kick.
Animality: Hold Low Kick, Forward, Forward, Down, Forward.
Babality: Down, Down, Down, Low Kick.
Friendship: Low Kick, Run, Run, Low Kick.
Stage Fatalities: Down, Forward, Down, Low Punch.


The second time Jax battles the forces of Shao Kahn, he comes prepared. Thought to be the strongest man on Earth, Jax has easily proven it. First by beating Kahn's armies, then by defeating Kahn himself.

When the world reverts back to normal, Jax and Sonya start the Outerworld Investigation Agency. Jax runs the exploratory division which learns to open portals through science rather than magic. He leads the first expedition into a mysterious new realm.


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