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Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage

After Shang Tsung's tournament, the martial arts superstar disappears. He follows Liu Kang into the Outworld. There he will compete in a twisted tournament which holds the balance of earth's existence- as well as a script for another blockbuster movie.

Special Moves

Shadow Uppercut: Back, Down, Back, High Punch.
Shadow Kick: Back, Forward, Low Kick.
Ball Breaker: Low Punch + Block.
High Green Bolt: Forward, Down, Back, High Punch.
Low Green Bolt: Back, Down, Forward, Low Punch.

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: (Close) Down, Down, Forward, Forward, Low Punch.
Fatality 2: (Close) Forward, Forward, Down, Up.
(Press Down + Low Punch + Low Kick + Block to knock off three heads instead of one)
Friendship: Down, Down, Down, Down, High Kick.
Babality: Back, Back, Back, High Kick.
Stage Fatalities: Down, Down, Down, High Kick.


After disappearing from the set of his latest movie, Cage finally resurfaces. He used all his knowledge and experiences as a fighter to end the Outworld menace. Now heralded as a true hero, Cage receives the respect he rightfully deserves.

He also gets his inspiration for the sequel to his blockbuster movie Mortal Kombat. MK II is released and quickly becomes the greatest motion picture event of all time. Cage realizes that MK III is inevitable.


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